Bulgarian news in EnglishAt last count there were over 50 Bulgaria oriented websites providing news online, and some of them even offer Bulgarian news in English. The level of English cannot be taken for granted, but most of them do a reasonable job of editing to ensure a readable and understandable product for the english speaking eye.

Who Wants Bulgarian News in English?

Expats living, working, or studying in Bulgaria are starved for good reliable news sources providing Bulgarian news in English. The only English language newspaper ceased publication several years ago. The few English language Bulgarian magazines are good fluff, but hardly useful as news.

The international press isn’t much use for everyday news. They do a reasonable job on the big stories, but life is made up of a whole lot more than the political crises, local corruption, and mafia power struggles that tend to attract international attention.

For good everyday Bulgarian news in English, one has to turn to online sources. Fortunately there are a lot of them available to suit various tastes and interests.

Where to Get Online Bulgarian News in English

Here are our picks for the best all around English language Bulgarian news coverage online. Investing a few days reading some or all of them will give you a good feel for standard news feed material versus original content.

BTA webpage screen captureBulgarian News Agency ( The Bulgarian News Agency (BG: Българска Телеграфна Агенция) is an autonomous national news organization chartered by Prince Ferdinand in 1898. For over 100 years it has served Bulgaria as a source of reliable news reports protected from political influence. As the sole Bulgarian representative among the European Alliance of News Agencies, it is the major source of news reports for use by other news outlets in the country.

europostEuropost ( A world news website with particular focus on the European Union and Bulgaria. Covers news, politics, analysis, business and culture. Covers many Bulgarian stories, including local interviews and commentary meaningful to expats in Bulgaria.

FOCUS Information AgencyFocus Information Agency ( Comprehensive news coverage offering lots of bite size news. Transcribed radio interviews in the opinion section provide interesting comments from leading Bulgarian figures and visitors to the country.

sofia news agencySofia News Agency ( The best of the Bulgarian real time news websites. It offers a good mix of international and local news, including interesting and high quality original stories. It consistently covers Bulgarian holidays, anniversaries, traditions and special events.

sofia globeThe Sofia Globe ( The most original of the Bulgaria news sources. More blog than newsfeed, the Sofia Globe publishes many exclusive articles and podcasts on eclectic Bulgarian themes. Not as prolific as a standard news website, but definitely worth following for their unique coverage. Owned and operated by an expat with long experience in Bulgaria..

standart-webpageStandart ( Mainly boilerplate Bulgarian and international news. Useful link to printable pdf version of the daily Bulgarian language newspaper.


Help Keep Us Informed and Up to Date

These are just a few of the sources for Bulgarian news in English available online. If you here of something new, or have a favorite we might have missed, please leave a comment or reach out to us by email. Times change, and we can’t always stay on top of things as fast as we would like. We are always grateful for new tips to help keep our customers well informed!



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