Expat Bulgaria blogs are the new personal memoir. A hundred years ago the personal memoir was a wonderful way for foreigners in Bulgaria to record their impressions and preserve them for posterity.  Travelers and diplomats kept copious records in tattered notebooks, later shaping them into books to be published and given out to friends. Such historical records offer an excellent impromptu glimpse into turbulent times from every era.

Today the privately published travelogue has given way to the expat blog, and the reading world is richer for the ease of internet age communication. Sharing life and impressions with all the world is only a few keystrokes away.

A cursory google search reveals that Bulgaria has attracted quite a diverse group of online promoters, or defenders, if you like, who keep the blogosphere afloat with frequent riffs on what life is like for foreigners in bulgaria.

Each expat Bulgaria blog has a personality all its own. Some are broad, more travel guide than personal story. Others are topical, taking on board the task of drilling down into a special interest or vocation. Some simply share one person’s take on the life of foreigners in Bulgaria. The curious reader could easily lose track of time, whiling away hours immersed in the Bulgarian milieu.

To help you out with that, we have created a Faber dozen blogroll of expat Bulgaria blogs, divided into general, topical and personal categories. Think of this as your hand curated collection of writings from people who call Bulgaria “home.”

Fifteen Must Read Expat Bulgaria Blogs

Here is the Welcome to Bulgaria Faber dozen collection of expat Bulgaria blogs for you to explore and enjoy:

General Blogs About Bulgaria

Bulstack Sharing news, events, history, sights and trivia about Bulgaria. In depth articles and thousands of pictures. Great for research.

Eat Stay Love Bulgaria More expat reference work than personal memoir, well worth bookmarking for revisiting as you explore different parts of the country. Produced by a team of writers.

Topical Bulgarian Blogs

Bulgarian Nature A photo gallery of Bulgarian birds, wildlife, insects, landscapes and people curated by an expat in southeastern Bulgaria.

Banskoblog One man’s attempt to be the expert on all things Bansko. He looks to be succeeding! A must visit for anyone interested in this fabulous ski resort. See this earlier shout out on Bulstack.

Personal Blogs About Life in Bulgaria

A Letter from the Back of Beyond Observations of rural life in Bulgaria by an Englishman who escaped the rat race by relocating to a small Bulgarian village.

Auntie Bulgaria Adventures of a British couple who bought a house in the Balkan Mountains of Bulgaria.

Buckeye in Bulgaria The two year sojourn of an American Fulbright Program ETA (English Teaching Assistant). Lots of great cultural experiences.

Bulgaria Stories Thoughts from a Peace Corps volunteer who taught English in a Bulgarian high school. Now a book!

Melody Moves to Bulgaria The four year odyssey of an American teacher who came to work at the American University in Blagoevgrad. Real and personal.

New Start, New Life in Bulgaria Reflections on daily life in Bulgaria, including the unexpected. Keep a hanky nearby for this one.

Old School Bulgaria About life and remodeling an old school in Bulgaria. Captures both the joys and frustrations of such an endeavor.

Our Bulgarian Adventure Exploring the life and work of Al and Diane Mellinger, Free Methodist missionaries living in Petrich. No need to be religious to appreciate their good work.

Running for the Bus as the Doors are Closing Adventures of an American Peace Corps volunteer. Lots of fun, entertaining and illuminating stories about his experience in Bulgaria.

The Gud Life What it’s like looking for a simpler life in Bulgaria.

toBulgaria Personal blog of Riza Buzatova, an American woman who married a Bulgarian and fell in love with a country to boot. Lively, informative, a memoir of the old school. Many gems for the curious reader.



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