About Welcome to Bulgaria

Welcome to Bulgaria began with a single purpose in mind: to make life better, easier, and less expensive for foreigners living in Bulgaria. Our first product was administrative assistance for visa processing. We learned all we could about how to navigate the local bureaucratic maze, set reasonable prices, and quickly found we could make a positive difference in the lives of people here. From that simple start, we have grown into a full service firm actively solving problems every day, for foreigners in all walks of life. There are few things as satisfying as a smile on the face of a happy customer.

A Full Service Firm

We are determined to help our clients every way we can. We know that the expat life is a stressful proposition, and every situation presents unique challenges. Issues that would never come to light in our home countries sometimes tower like giants standing in the way of success or happiness when you find yourself on foreign soil. So we try to listen closely to what our customers have to say, and strive to develop timely, effective and lasting solutions to meet their needs, both large and small.

For customers relocating to Bulgaria we offer standard products and services like our VISA Assistance, Miracle Max, Max & Friends, HouseHunt and CarSearch. Years of experience have allowed us to learn these processes well. We can advise you for all of your relocation needs.

We also offer custom services such as Event Management and Language Study. We handle every language student as an individual to be sure we address their most important needs. We organize events with the same individual care, focusing on what the customer hopes to achieve.

Beyond the every day, we help our customers survive the unexpected as well. Our Miracle Max Hotline is available 24/7 to get you out of trouble or help answer important questions as they arise.

Finally, we offer a growing collection of Online Resources to make life just a little bit easier for expats in Bulgaria.

Open and Flexible

In our line of work it is important to be flexible. We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so if what we offer isn’t right, please talk to us. We will try to make our services fit for you and your needs.


Welcome to Bulgaria

Making Life Better in Bulgaria!


Meet Our Team:

Bob Faber
Managing Director
Bob is the founder of Welcome to Bulgaria. He started the company with a single goal in mind: to make life better, easier and less expensive for expats in Bulgaria. He has lived in Bulgaria since 2000.