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Bulgarian Calendar Highlights 2017

Important dates are easy to forget while living in a foreign country. So, to help you avoid embarrassment this year, we have compiled a short list of Bulgarian calendar highlights for 2017. Bulgarian Public Holidays Bulgaria celebrates 11 public holidays each year. Orthodox Easter and Christmas are multiple day affairs. All the rest are single day commemorations. In late […]

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expat bulgaria blogs

15 Must Read Expat Bulgaria Blogs

Expat Bulgaria blogs are the new personal memoir. A hundred years ago the personal memoir was a wonderful way for foreigners in Bulgaria to record their impressions and preserve them for posterity.  Travelers and diplomats kept copious records in tattered notebooks, later shaping them into books to be published and given out to friends. Such historical records offer an […]

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Rumen Radev Wins Bulgarian Presidential Race

The Bulgarian Central Election Commission announced that Socialist backed General Rumen Radev prevailed against the ruling party candidate Tsetska Tsacheva in the run off Bulgarian Presidential election held on Sunday, 13 November. With 100% of votes counted, the Bulgarian Central Election Commission reported that Radev received 2,063,332 votes (59.37%) to win by a commanding margin […]

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Bulgarian Visa Regulations by Passport Country

Reference list of Bulgarian visa regulations by passport country for all countries of the world. This list is for reference only. Regulations are subject to change without notice, so please be sure to check with your nearest Bulgarian diplomatic station to confirm the particulars of your case. Countries are listed in alphabetical order and include requirements […]

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Happy Saint George’s Day!

GERGIOVDEN Gergiovden is the 6th of May, the day of Saint George, patron saint of shepherds and also the Bulgarian Army. Bulgarians celebrate this day with a feast of roast lamb, and many locations stage military parades. Гергьовден е празник, на който православната църква в България почита паметта на Свети Георги Победоносец, който е и […]

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