Basic Facts about Bulgaria

This page is included as a quick reference to some basic facts about Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is a parliamentary Republic governed by the rule of law as promulgated according to the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria.

National Data

Official Name:Republic of Bulgaria
Coat of Arms (Seal):bulgaria coat of arms
National Anthem:Mila Rodino (Мила Родинo)
which means
Dear Motherland
Government Type:Parliamentary Republic
Head of State:President
Head of Government:Premier (Prime Minister)
Council of Ministers:Executive body directing domestic and international activities of the Bulgarian government. Led by the Prime Minister (Premier).
National Assembly:
Uni-Cameral (single chamber) parliament consisting of 240 members.
Official Language:Bulgarian

Geographic Data

Map of Bulgaria:bg map small
Area:110,994 sq km or 42,823 sq mi
Roughly the size of Kentucky or
1.5X the size of Ireland.
It is almost identical in area to Cuba.
Time Zone:GMT +2
Population:7,364,570 (2011 census)
Population Density66.2 people per square km
171 people per square mi
Capital City:Sofia