Bulgarian History in Brief

Bulgarian history has all the stuff of epics in it. Cunning warriors and gentle Kings. Great triumphs and bitter defeats. Soaring heights of wealth and culture. Twists of fate that turn a well worn tale upon its head. They say Bulgaria is the oldest country in Europe. Of course there were empires and nation states long before the Bulgarians' 7th century arrival, but none of them has survived. Only Bulgaria still bears the name it held when first declared way back in 681. Snatching the mantle of Oldest Nation is not an act undertaken lightly when surrounded by proud people's on every side. And there are complaints that might be raised from countries who take umbrage at Bulgaria's bold claim. But Bulgarians will have none of it. Such is their national pride. I leave it to each reader to decide for themself whether this or any other claim made by Bulgarians and repeated here is true in the very strictest sense of the word. I doubt it will matter much anyway.