Event Planning and Logistics

Let us organize your next company event! Welcome to Bulgaria offers complete event planning and logistics services, including site selection, program development, venue, registration, travel, amenities, promotion and on-site management. We take care of all the background details so that you can focus on what’s really important – your people, your clients, and the total event experience.

Event Planning with Welcome to Bulgaria:

Welcome to Bulgaria has been organizing events in the Balkans for over 10 years. We have a well developed process for planning and execution of all kinds of events.

Initial Consultation

Great events are the result of hard work, planning, and a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Our experts meet with you up front to identify your goals and to hear from you the kind of atmosphere and experience you want for your event. We also ask for budget guidance, proposed dates, unique requirements, and special requests.

Idea Generation

Keeping in mind what you have told us about what you want in your event, our team researches prospective locations, venues and all of the building blocks necessary to produce the event you desire. We prepare multiple options and present them to you for consideration, working and reworking the proposal until you have a design as close to perfect as possible.

Selection and Planning

After the proposal is approved, we select vendors and negotiate supply contracts to fulfill every aspect of the event. You can be confident that all along the way, Welcome to Bulgaria is watching out for the details.


Sometimes events require special promotion. Welcome to Bulgaria can create advertisements, brochures, banners — everything you need to promote your event effectively to your target audience.

Registration and Travel

We can perform all of the administrative functions for registration and travel, including sign up, collection of fees, travel itineraries, ticket handling, room assignments and visa processing.

Transportation and Arrival

Welcome to Bulgaria meets every arrival and organizes airport transfers for arrival and departure from the event.

On-Site Management

Once your event starts, the last thing you need is to deal with any of the irritations, large or small, that threaten to disrupt the action. Welcome to Bulgaria always assigns on site management to look after the details for you, so that you can stay focused on what matters – your people and your goals. After the event ends, Welcome to Bulgaria sticks around to clean up so that you don’t have to.


After completing the event, we follow up with you to evaluate your satisfaction and our performance. We want to make sure our customers are happy, and also improve wherever necessary so that we can continue to offer excellent service in the future.

Whether you have a definite plan or just a vague idea of what you want, Welcome to Bulgaria can help you put on a successful event. Contact us today!