Miracle Max

When you need help, call Miracle Max! He has a special phone line for people just like you. He knows his way around, and has probably heard your questions before. Why trouble yourself when help is so close by? Call Max today at +359 (0)898 MAX MAX (629 629)!

Information Hotline

Need to find road service? Looking for a particular shop? Want to know why today is a holiday? Just call Max for answers. Either he will tell you what you want to know, or find out and call you back. You can count on Miracle Max!

Concierge Service

Max is really good at organizing small jobs or errands you don’t want to do yourself. Sometimes things are so easy he can do them for free. If it will cost you anything, he will let you know before doing the job.


Miracle Max members can use the Welcome to Bulgaria office as their delivery address for important mail and packages. This is especially useful for people who don’t want to sit at home waiting for delivery.

Free Website Listings

Each member receives coupons valid for free listings on our EZSofia and Balkan Trading Post websites. These may be shared freely with friends, offering foreigners an easy way to be helpful when the inevitable requests for assistance start rolling in.

Meet and Greet

Max will meet you at Sofia airport and deliver you to your destination. Extra charges may apply.


Let Max help you find a vehicle that meets your needs. For a separate fee, he can help you look around, test drive, compare offers, and negotiate a deal. After you make a purchase, he can help you get registered and buy insurance.


Looking for a new home? Let Max help you. We are not a Realtor, so when you hire Max, he represents you. for a separate fee, he can help you search for options, view choices, negotiate a lease, and move in when you are ready.

Move-In Service

Max has a newcomers checklist to help you cover all your bases on arrival. Connecting utilities, finding where to pay bills, discovering the closest shops. Max can help you get settled fast. Separate fees apply.
Miracle Max wants to be your best friend!

  • Friendly and knowledgeable.
  • Able to navigate bureaucracy.
  • Ready to help you solve any problem.
  • Fast, easy and low cost.

Max is eager to help you, so if you have any questions or particular needs, including special requests, contact Miracle Max today!